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Ash remembered even when he first meet her May was well developed and that hadn't changed with her age. She could tell her assaulter was addicted to her flavour. Besides, she still believed she had it under control. The truth was she should've ended things a dozen steps before. Now that she had some clothes on, the outfit nudged at his memory, a vague recollection of seeing it before. She couldn't say for sure what point her concern swayed from offending Ash to hoping no one would interrupt them. She never wanted her boyfriend's enemy to stop fucking her.

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He bumps into his archrival, Gary Oak, who just happens to be on the lookout for a worthy conquest…. For the first night in a while, Gary didn't dream about Misty. His wandering touch roamed her flat abdomen, revelling at her physical fitness.

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Not that she would've particularly cared. She fretted against the graze of enamel. Ash looked to May, her eyes still closed she gave him a nod, her face braced for the pain.

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She flinched as a hot spurt smacked her between the eyes. May started to object but she didn't know why. As she hummed along, a distant voice interrupted her tune. May hid the hickey under her collar hurriedly.

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Close Working Luckily, the woods they'd stopped in were part of Route , sat in the backyard of Petalburg City, her hometown. Ash did what was asked of him and started parting her again still amazed at how tight she was around him. Spurt, spurt, spurt, and moans in between. All she could do after her jaunt was give a bittersweet smile. The heat building up inside of her was making her sweat and gasp in pleasure as she felt herself building up for the inevitable. She inhaled subtly then looked up at his piercing orbs.

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As if to prove his point, he kissed her on the pussy lips. She rolled her eyes and wondered if he'd even notice she was gone. It felt like she was hanging on a thread, numb to everything except intense pleasure.

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May was embarrassed by the squishy sounds he was pumping out of her. Every time she beseeched him, his response would be the same: Okay, in 5 minutes! Besides, she still believed she had it under control.

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