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Featured 0. He tells Rebekah that Klaus wants him to make peace with her so she will talk about the Five and is willing to start over with her and talk with Matt about doing the same. When they get her body, Marcel can leave the cemetery but Rebekah can't. It goes into another flashback of Mikael beating Klaus for using his knife for carving something. Rebekah refuses to leave when Matt tells her to. She was then trapped in the asylum until her sister Freya awakened from her century-long and freed them both with her magic. Unsure of where they were going, Kol brought up the idea that maybe they should split up so as to better avoid their father. Damon does not answer.

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However, after Dahlia was defeated, Rebekah's sister Freya healed Eva's body so that Rebekah could return to it and continue her work in bringing Kol back from the dead. She hands out flyers and goes into History class, Alaric's old classroom. Suddenly, Kol comes in. Elena glared at Caroline, who could barely look at her.

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Elijah then shows up as well. Rebekah tells Marcel that he can have his city. On the phone, Stefan is puzzled as to why she was still in town, since Elijah told him they would be leaving immediately.

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After she helps Elena feed, she is set free. Freya reveals that she is unable to do so until Eva's consciousness is dormant and Rebekah is in control again, otherwise they will lose Rebekah for good. Matt swerves the car to avoid hitting Rebekah and drives over the bridge, crashing into the water below.

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Near the end of the episode Klaus un-daggers Rebekah. Turning around, she showed Aurora her vampire face, causing her to scream in panic, and flee. Rebekah and Davina go through many spells, but the hex will block it. Rebekah, fearing for the safety of her niece and their family convinces Klaus to come to the compound and stand trial. He tells her that she is free, Rebekah looks pretty shocked but she leaves. He jokes with her, calling her Rebekah as a jest. He shows her how they were turned into vampires through his mind. Create New Account.

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Hayley fills her in on the witches' spell that keeps her bound to the city. She reveals that Klaus loved Marcel like a son. Picsets 0.

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As Rebekah sat there bored as ever, she goes through Caroline's phone, only to find a picture of Stefan and Elena together, and spots her mother necklace around Elena's neck. Klaus reminded her that if the witches get the power in NOLA, they'll get Davina and use her against them instead. Rebekah then interrupts Davina's resurrection spell, however, Davina doesn't seem to be happy that Rebekah has "given up" on resurrecting Kol. Parting in a friendly manner, Matt leaves to take April home.

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